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Please Note: Although we are 100% Awesome, nothing you see, read, hear or purchase via our site or forum is official XRdoge content or merchandise, for official information/merchandise please visit the official website: https://www.xrdoge.com

XRdoge is a memecoin that runs on the XRP Ledger

The XRP Ledger is an open source, decentralized structure open to anyone to build upon. Built on the XRP Ledger XRdoge is very fast and fees are extremely low. 75% of all 100billion XRdoge was airdropped to the community on Sunday 24th 2021. No more XRdoge will ever be created. Join us on the forum and be part of the memecoin legend 'XRdoge'.

What makes XRdoge better than other memecoins?

XRdoge is the first memecoin running on the XRP Ledger which means it's 100% awesome. The current minimum transaction cost required by the network for a standard transaction is 0.00001 XRP It's also superfast, the XRP Ledger can handle 1500+ transactions per second and transactions are typically settled in 3-5 seconds, making XRdoge the fastest doge on the planet.

You may have noticed but the memetic power of XRdoge is strong. Cooler than other doges XRdoge is the ideal companion for your crypto wallet.

The community behind XRdoge is probably the best in the crypto space. XRP and the XRP Ledger hasn't been without it's struggles, XRdoge holders know not only the value of their XRdoge but also what holding XRdoge symbolises. XRP holders are buying XRdoge! Join us on the XRdoge forum!

XRdoge News !

By far the best place to keep up with the latest XRdoge news is social media. Please find links below to official channels as well as our unofficial XRdoge forum.

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